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Barium Sulphate BS-419

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  • Barium Sulphate BS-419

Barium Sulphate BS-419


Barium Sulphate BS-419  

BS-419 is a chemically synthesized barium sulfate product refined through special manufacturing processes with  high pure barium salt and sodium sulfate as its raw materials.   


It is with high purity low Iron content, high dispersion and super fine particle size, and has a good compatibility with other medium. It can shields x rays,  γ  rays etc, and it can improve the gloss and surface hardness of products.  


Powder coating, printing ink, plastic, glass, cosmetic etc..  


BaSO4 --------------------------- ---------------------   98%min.  

D50-------------------------------- --------------------   3micron max.  

Oil absorption------------------- ---------------------   15%max.  

PH value-------------------------------------------------7-9  

Dry brightness------------------ ----------------------   98%min  

Volatility at 105c deg.--------- ----------------------   0.15%max.  

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