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  • CMP-45
  • CMP-45


  • FOB Price: 2.9-3.1 USD / kg
  • MOQ: 1000 kg
  • Supply Capability: 10000 kg / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 10days
  • Packaging: 25kgs net per bag



1. Good anti-corrosive effect: It has good binding effect owing to its molecular property. The chlorine ion is  very  stable. Coatings based on CMP45 are characterized by high resistance to chemicals, good resistance to water, and excellent resistance to weathering provided that the coating has adequate hiding power.  

2. High stability: It ’ s very difficult to be  degraded  by  atmosphere   oxidation .  Coating  based on CMP45  has  sunproof effect, will not turn to yellow or be desquamated easily. It’s physically drying binder with  strong internal plasticizing effect and high thermal stability.  

3. Good solubility: MP45 is very easy to be  dissolved  with some other paint binder.   

4.  Anti-fire effect: It can be used for making anti-fire paint if add  fireproofing  agent. 


Chlorinated binder for anti-corrosive paints; for paints on steel structure, light metal, plastics, deck, watercraft,  container, machine, auto manufacture, concrete & asbestos cement.For wall paint, printing inks, road-marking paints,  building  component  anti-fire paint; Also used for rubber & plastic industry.  

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