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Fiber glass Geogrid

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  • Fiber glass Geogrid
  • Fiber glass Geogrid
  • Fiber glass Geogrid

Fiber glass Geogrid

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Fiber Glass Geogrid  

Product Features :   the product has high intensity, low elongation ratio, thermostable, high module, light weight, good toughness, anti-corrosive, long life and so on characteristics, and can be applied in the old cement road  surface,runway`s service, the dike, the river bank, the side slope protection, project domains and so on  road bridge connection surface enhancement processing. It can reinforce the road surface and prevents the road surface rut fatigue cracking the hot-cold expansion crack and the following reflection crack  and can scater the road surface bearing stress, extense road surface service life, the high tensile strength and the low elongation ratio, no long-term slow change, the physical  chemistry stability and hot-stability are good, anti-weary dehiscence, anti-weary dehiscence, anti-low temperature  shrinkage crack and postpone reflection crack.   

Product  Function :   

1.  It reinforces old asphalt concrete road surface and asphalt surface layer, and prevents damage;  

2. It is used for rebuilding cement concrete road surface into composite road surface and restraining relection caused by block contraction;  

3. It is used in road expansion and improvement project and crack caused by old and new combination position and uneven sedimentation;  

4. It is used in soft soil base reinforcement treatment, is favorable for soft soil water separation and concretion, restrains sedimentation effectively, distributes stress uniformly and improve overall strength of road base;  

It is used for preventing contraction crack caused by new road semi-rigid base layer, and reinforcing  and preventing road surface crack caused by foundation crack reflection.


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