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Polyester Resin For Powder Coating

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  • Polyester Resin For Powder Coating

Polyester Resin For Powder Coating


Polyester Resin P703 0  (70:30)  

● Properties:  

P7030 is a carboxyl saturated polyester resin, which is used together with epoxy resin (by 70:30) to produce hybrid powder coatings, giving high gloss, good flow effect, wonderful mechanical properties, pretty decorative effects, excellent yellowing resistance and marked durability.  

P-7030  is most suitable to manufacture low-gloss or semigloss powder coatings. 

● Specifications:  

Appearance:                                   Light yellow & clear flake  

Acid value (mgKOH/g):               25 - 35  

Softening point (℃):                     96 - 120(Ring & Ball Method)   

Glass Transition Temperature (℃):     53 – 57  

Viscosity (175℃/mPa.s):     3000-6000 

Recommended formulation:  

 Low/Semi-gloss type  

Ingredients                                             Weight  

Polyester resin P703 0  (70:30)           200g  

Epoxy resin (E-12)                                 360g  

Padding                                                    385g  

Matting agent (XG603-1A or B68)      30g  

Flow agent                                            10g  

Benzoin                                                   5g  

Leveling agent (701B)                          10g  

● Technical condition for making coatings:  

Extruder:                                      SLJ-30AF  

Clamp set temperature:               100 -120℃  

Helix pole temperature:              80℃  

Rotational speed:                        70rpm  

Curing condition:                    190℃/15 min or 200℃/10min. (metal temperature)  

●  Coating film properties:  

Film thickness:                     60±10μm  

Gloss (60℃):                        ≥90% / ≤20%  

Bend (mm):                          ≤6  

Impact intensity:                  ≥50kg·cm  

Pencil hardness:                   ≥1H  

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