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Tri Ethyl Phosphate

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  • Tri Ethyl Phosphate

Tri Ethyl Phosphate

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  • Packaging: 200kgs per drum


Triethyl  P hosphate  

Molecular formula:  C6H15O4P  

CAS-NO.:   78-40-0  

Molecular weight:  182.16  

Properties: Colorless flame-resisting liquid, a little stink, stable in usual tempetature, uneasy famming,  dissolve in alcohol and ether, and in many kinds of organic solvent, also in water, but dissolve gradually by water as resist  the temperature, boiling point is 216 ℃  


Chemical reagent, for catalyst made by acetic oxide, cellulose acetate cellulose nitrate solvent, synthetic resin plasticizer, as flame retardant in Unsaturated Polyester Resin or ATH filler. Chemical synthetic intermediate lubricating oil additive. 


Color APHA                   10 Max.        

Content                           99.8%min.        

Refractive Index              1.4050-1.4070  

Specific gravity               1.068-1.072    

Moisture                         0. 1 %   

Acid value mg KOH/g     0.04max.  

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