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Tributyl Phosphate 99%min.

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  • Tributyl Phosphate 99%min.

Tributyl Phosphate 99%min.

  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 15days
  • Packaging: 200kgs or 1000kgs per drum


Tri  B utyl  P hosphate  

Molecular formula:  C12H27O4P  

CAS-NO.:   126-73-8  

Molecular weight: 266.32   

Properties: Colorless  or light yellow liquid, Mp<-80 ℃ , BP 289 ℃ , Relative density 0.9729 (25/4 ℃ ),  Refractive index 1.4226 dissolve in many kinds of organic solven, but uneasy in water.  

Application:  Chemical reagent, painting additive, defoamer, adhesive , printing ink solvent, additive, plasticizer  for celluiose nitrate, chlorinated rubber and PVC, for extraction in separating rare- earth metal, organic synthetic  intermediate and heat exchange medium    


Color APHA                        10 Max.      

Content                              99%min.        

Refractive Index                 1.426  

Specific gravity                  0.974-0.980    

Moisture                            0.1 % max.  

Acid value mg KOH/g        0.1max.  

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